GeoMundus 2017

GeoMundus 2017

Jul 17

GeoMundus 2017 is a free international symposium organised by the students from the Erasmus Mundus Master’s of Science in Geospatial Technologies. The symposium features broad aspects of geospatial technologies disciplines, including but not limited to, geographic information systems and science, environmental studies and management, urban planning and many more. The focus of this year’s GeoMundus is the emerging technologies within these fields and our programme highlights the cutting edge research that pushes the boundaries of geospatial analysis.


GeoMundus is addressed to everyone who is curious about geospatial technologies and its applications. We especially welcome students, researchers, industry players, and even members of the public. It is not only a great opportunity to learn, but also to network amongst the brightest minds in this exciting field.


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